Lead Vocals

At the forefront of the band Erik effortlessly channels the charisma and raw energy of the original rock legends. With his powerful voice and captivating stage presence, he brings the iconic anthems of the past to live


Lead Guitar

Virtuoso known for his electrifying solos and mastery of the classic rock guitar style. His melodic riffs and soaring solos will transport you back to the golden age of rock music



Holding down the low end and providing a solid foundation for the band's sound. His groovy basslines and tight rhythms will keep your feet tapping and your head nodding through the show



The backbone of Hatchback who sets the pulse and drives the band's energy. With his thunderous beats and impeccable timing, he delivers the powerhouse rhythms that make the crowd come alive


Keys & Guitar

The multi-talented member of the group who handles "everything else". From keyboards to additional guitars and backing vocals. Tom adds the extra layers of authenticity and depth to Hatchback's performances